The basic aim of establishing DREAMS OVERSEAS EDUCATION LINK LTD was to provide accurate information to the people who either opt to earn foreign education or get immigration through legal way.


Every student is different in terms of academic ability, study-interest, aspiration and financial background.  Each student that comes to us for advice will be evaluated individually based on his or her set of conditions.  We don’t believe in one size-fits-all approach.


We take each case with care; we will spend the time to carefully evaluate the students’ academic and other conditions before making a recommendation.  Ultimately, it is the student’s welfare that is most important to us.


Our senior counsellors are professionals, who come with real life experiences, having brought up successful children of their own.  Most of them have either visited foreign countries or have studied there, thus having firsthand experience of education abroad.  We are most happy sharing our experience and providing advice with our potential students.

Dreams Overseas Education Link Ltd (DOELL) was established and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission, (a Nigerian company and allied registration body) in 2015. We provide A to Z services in Study Abroad Consultancy and Immigration Services especially in student visa in major universities and colleges of the countries around the globe.

When a student comes with a dream of studying abroad, we are the place he/she starts with selection of courses, institution and countries of choice for a successful completion of their proposed study program. Our role is to understand the requirements of the students in terms of their previous qualifications, their family or sponsor’s financial background, interests, future goals and a combination of such factors help the students to choose the right course.

We owe our reputation to an unrivalled record of guiding and preparing students through their institutions selection, student visa processing and supervising the completion of application forms. The Director, Mr Daniel has worked with many specialists in the last five years, this has contributed to our wealth of experience as an educationist.

Having worked with international organisations with special skills in student enrolment and career counselling, we are indeed well-equipped to source for useful and relevant information, and to counsel prospective Nigerian students for overseas studies.

We have achieved our aims in the past, in collaboration with the institution’s enrolment and marketing officer(s) through series of workshops, seminars, school visitations, fact findings, advertisements on admission notices and educational requirements.

We are the knowledge, experience and university linkage to help you with admission to university preparatory programme undergraduate and post graduate programmes in Canada, the UK and USA etc.

Join us!

It doesn’t matter if you are starting from year one, thinking of credit exemptions, or looking to make a change in your educational path.  We will assist you to make right choice.

Even if you are unsure of what to study or where to study, we are here to help.

Our experienced and passionate counsellors see each student as an individual with unique skills set and aspiration.  We place you on the right to learning success.

Gain insight on your desired institutions despite barriers of distance.  Get a better understanding via our standing relationships with key university personnel.


1. Will my course fee be higher if I apply through DOELL?
No, your course fee remains the same just like a direct application
2. How can I apply through DOELL?
Simply contact DOELL and we will guide you all the way, you can also fill the online application form
3. How much do I need to study abroad?
It depends on the university and course you are applying for
4. What are the opening hours for DOELL?
Mondays to Fridays: 8am – 5pm
Saturdays: 9am – 3pm


Study in Canada, Study in UK, Study in USA,


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